Welcome to Petra Werner Kjellberg and MusicoMatrix!

This is where I show some of my work in music therapy, improvisation, painting and writing.

In "Music therapy" you will find both information and short essays on music therapy and improvisation - as soon as I have translated the material.

In the more personal part of this homepage, "Biography", I present some of my drawings and paintings from the seventies up until now (which, of course, any non-swede can enjoy), and some of my short stories, poems and other works - of which only some will be translated.

Music therapy

I was educated in the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, and has been working in the music therapy area since then. I have had clients in all kind of categories and have been working as supervisor for other music therapist, also in Estonia, where I ran a SIDA-project with two collegues for some years. At the moment I work as a teacher/supervisor on the training program here in Stockholm.

For many years I played various instruments in different groups; I was a percussionist and drumplayer in jazz, blues and latino-groups, and used to play traverse flute in a quartet. I also played the piano with a singer. For five years I took lessons in classical song, and also mouth organ.

I have been writing essays on various subjects in music therapy and improvisation.

Who am I?

I live in Stockholm with my husband and four children. Throughout my whole life I have been writing, painting, drawing, playing and also worked with drama and film. I have also been working with lots of other things, for example the 4 years I ran a special traning program for unemployed actors. I have also worked with computer graphics in some years.

I wanted to make this homepage to somehow collect and exhibit everything that I have made during these years. To deal with any kind of art is not always to experience that the things you do are wanted anywhere by someone.
Instead I want to try and reach back to what ever it was that made me express myself and create all this stuff in the first place.

If you have any questions, please mail me, or leave a message in my guestbook at Svenska Konstnärer (Swedish Artists).

Thanks for your visit!

Petra Werner Kjellberg